Here are a selection of commonly asked questions about best man gifts

Do you have a question about what to buy your best man, what to buy your usher or page boy, no question is Silly ask us!

What is an original gift for my best man?

This is a question we get asked a lot as everyone wants an original or quirky best man gift. How about a gadget screwdriver pen? a personalised golf club? At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts and even if you get a 'predictable present' like a engraved tankard or pint glass he will really appreciate it.

I need the gift tomorrow have I left it took late?

No! We offer next day delivery, so stop worrying you still have time to order your best man gift.

Who do I get presents for?

The best man traditionally gets a present as does the ushers and page boys or girl's. However that said there is no fixed rule, it’s your wedding! Get presents for who you wish.

What can I buy a best man who is under 18?

Anything you like but obviously be respectful of the parents, if they allow him to drink he would love an engraved pint glass, after all it is quite a grown-up thing to do being a best man so why not match it with a grown-up gift. If the parents do like him drinking how about an engraved mug?

What can I get the page boys that they will actually like yet be in keeping with tradition?

How about a personalised teddy bear or yo yo? Both of these will keep the page boys happy yet also be things to keep to remember your big day by.

Shall I get all the ushers the same gift?

Yes it is common for all the ushers to get the same gift. You can always personalise them for that person, for example cufflinks, each pair can have a different inscription or a pint glass where everyone has their name engraved.

My best man does not drink! What can I get him?

How about an engraved pocket watch, fashionable and practice.

I am on a budget, but I still want to get everyone a present what can I get?

A group photo in a frame, or a framed couple photo (for example best man and his partner) takes it at the wedding but do not mention why, after the wedding post it to them as a surprise thank you.

Need it in a hurry?

All non-personalised gifts are sent out the same day!

Personalised gifts are sent out within 1-3 days

Personalised gifts can be ordered express delivery for guaranteed next day delivery.

Best Selling Gifts

Engraved Golf Putter

Pocket watch

Best Man Caricatures