Best Man Speech Advice

The thing we always get asked about at Best man gifts is about best man speeches, what on earth should you put into the speech?

To help we have put together this guide, hopefully it will guide you to the perfect speech. You can follow the below structure, simply filling in the parts that fit.

1. Welcome

During the welcome you tell everyone the obvious, you have been asked to give a speech at the wedding of the couple; do not do a toast this is traditionally saved for the end. You also should compliment the couple on how good they look and how special the day has been. After all they do look great and the day has been perfect, hasn’t it?

2. Introduction

You now need to tell everyone how you know the best man. Try to keep it fun, everyone doesn’t care about dull details. They want to hear about the funny story about how you met anything that you can remember for example was he wearing something funny. An example is ‘I first met Tom when we were both on a Uni pub crawl, he was wearing a women’s wig and I was wearing a golfing jumper – a match made in heaven.

3. Comedy

This is the bit that everyone worries about; after all not everyone thinks they are funny. Also everyone always says how a best man speech should be funny. Do not worry! You don’t need to be funny all you need to do is tell some stories about funny things. Here is a list of typical things you can mention:

  • Drinking stories – any stories of them doing silly things after a drink?
  • Childhood stories – anything from their childhood, like eating weird things?
  • Work party stories – did they do something silly at a work party?
If you can’t think of any of the above or find it to tricky you can make a photo sheet. This is the very easy option and can be done with friends help or you can use their Facebook profile for ammo. Look for anything that could make a laugh.  Make enough copies and hand them out then talk people through the photos.

4. Advice

This is the part where you tell them to love each other and never go to bed on an argument. Any nice advice goes well here, especially if you can find a connection to them, for example refer to their parents or hobbies for example ‘use the force and..’.

5. Meaningful Section

Here you need to be slightly sincere, and tell them how ‘jokes aside’ you are proud of him and wish him all the best. Often people get emotional during this part of the speech, as you will find how you open up and despite saying you will not you may get teary, take a hanky.  This then leads into the ending.

6. The Toast.
The easy part, simply ask everyone to raise their glass to the happy couple.

That is it! The only additional thing we would say is practice practice and practice. The more of the best man speech you know without reading it the better.

Good luck! How ever you feel your speech goes the happy couple will be very pleased and touched with it, after all it is always the thought that counts.

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